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Choose Your Paths

e-learning Courses

Our e-learning courses can help you find what you love and what you're good at, and then  guide you through several steps towards pursuing your personal success.  

Students get step-by-step instruction to:​

* research their interests & skills​

*interview field experts by phone & email​

* create a learning experience for others​

* collaborate on a charitable event or club

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A Bit of Background

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We know that perseverance + support = success. We are determined to make an impact, by laying the foundation for students and field experts to connect for knowledge, experience and kindness that can help us build stronger community today and tomorrow.


Our Story

Anyone Can Learn

  • Anyone Can Learn has morphed from teaching infant and child massage classes to nurses and new parents, to ...

  • Writing history books I needed for my students to learn standards in a more real way, to ...

  • Writing curriculum for non-profits that benefit schools, including character building, philanthropy, and summer camp training, to ...

  • Developing e-learning courses to help students envision and research successful futures, based on their talents and interests, building a network of supporters in their lives by interviewing field experts and creating projects and events to help their community.

Why Your Neighbor Matters

  • Because helping each other is crucial to all of us thriving, we are creating a non-profit that we can grow a scholarship/grant fund to further support students and schools in connecting students to local businesses and field experts.

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